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Below are some of the key services we render at BiotLabs Africa

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Our core services and functions are extremely reliant on research. We build on the knowledge and resources powered by our deep research into all sectors identifying the existing problems and best strategies of solving them.

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Solution Deployment

While we are curious and anxious about providing solutions to all problems, we are more concerned with ensuring our solutions are not just innovative but indeed addressing the problems. We carry out further research before, during and after deploying our solutions to monitor its effect and further enhance where needed. Duplicating solutions isn’t a style we emulate.

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Capacity Building

While our team comprises of intelligent, idealistic, innovative and brilliant minds sufficient enough for the decades to come, we believe in sustainability and efficient posterity. We heavily invest in capacity building which is the key to a more innovative and well-equipped ecosystem.

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We identify talents, and promising solutions from the get-go. It is our pride to be a part of such dreams from the onset, shape and help in building a better future. We also source for and support with grants aside from applying our internal resources to boost upcoming projects and startups.

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Regulatory Advocacy

Innovation and regulation have always been far apart and the distance continues to widen. We understand the importance of regulation in a fast-developing space of innovation and the significance of ensuring it doesn’t stifle originality. We help the regulators to understand the numerous advantages while understanding how to mitigate the demerits in order to be able to benefit from the advancing technologies across sectors and boarders.

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Events are our trusted source of brilliant interactions and strong resourceful community building. It is also our way of ensuring the right words gets out and the great minds are noticed. We have organized several events, physical and virtual, including bootcamps and hackathons with great results in the past. With every single new ones, we get more creative and it gets more rewarding.

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