REITs Africa

REITs Africa is a PropTech solution building on the Near blockchain enabling tokenized investment. The project empowers people through affiliate program to market listed properties for rent, short let and sales.

It is not a news that Real Estate Investment is only limited to the deep pockets only. Tokenization of assets using blockchain allows for expensive assets such as real estates to be divided into bits allowing anyone to invest with as little as 50$. REITs Africa also empowers other non-investors with little or no affordability to earn a living by promoting listed assets and get rewarded from the successful sales through sales commissions.

We are building the project to improve accessibility to investments in Real Estates across Africa towards improving financial inclusion. The platform utilizes all subscribers’ data through incentives to promote the listed products enabling the properties to be more promoted than the competitors. In collaboration with governments, mortgage banks and private agencies, the platform guarantees that only legal and legitimate properties are listed hence protecting the investor’s interests.

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