Hades is a one stop for Identity Management and Verification database for African based blockchain or decentralized projects that requires trusted and updated KYC integration.

It is a fully decentralized and self-updating database of all KYC related transactions for all registered users. It is built with an incentive system that encourages trust and transparency while securing user’s data.

HADES is building a complete and well enhanced identity management infrastructure that will allow all decentralized applications for African markets to plugin and benefit from the complete database of registered users. KYC compliance and access to financial histories and complete client identity management for loan defi, insurance applications among others.

HADES is a fashion meeting tech design enabling NFC and NFT combination for identity database management. It allows a collection of identity to be stored on Near Field Communication devices such as plastic cards, necklace, rings among others and share when authorized devices that are NFC enhanced are in range. It allows users to store all forms of identity on a simple and compact chip.

With HADES, the platform is stateful, hence records and keeps tracks of sessions and transactions taken place on each identity account. This allows solution providers to have more information to process and adequately decide before granting a request e.g., loan offers based on previous history and current/active loans of a client. Platform users who are registered are incentivised to verify and validate the other users and there are inbuilt system to prevent undue influence leading to biased validation.

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