EA Kazi is an online teaching, learning and earning platform for Africans to get trained and be enlisted among the highly recognized web3 developers in the World. EA Kazi literally means East Africa Job, “Kazi” in this sense is a Swahili word that means “Job”. The African-based decentralized platform is developed by Africa BIoT Labs to build and deploy talents into the Web3 space. 

Correspondingly, this project is a combination of an individual’s career development and advancement in the thriving web3 ecosystem, enabling easy transitioning for developers into the existing tech space. Also, EA Kazi is a system responsible for bringing young software engineers together, mobilizing them to fit into the blockchain structure as well as giving renowned web3 tech instructors the opportunity to earn more


  • Its decentralised feature makes it incorruptible and transparent
  • It is open and accessible to anyone
  • An NFT-based certificate is being awarded
  • The option of learning and paying later is available.
  • It is user-friendly and user-centric


For the Trainer

  • To promote teamwork, a company (an existing tech hub) is entitled to be a trainer
  • The tech hub is allowed to use its developers instead of scouting for illegitimate developers
  • The trainer/company is entitled to 2.5% of their trainee’s earnings and gets paid for the milestone the individual attains.
  • The opportunity of empowering yet earning is available

For the Trainee

  • Ability to learn courses freely and pay when employed
  • Flexible course duration; 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc
  • An NFT-based certificate is awarded.
  • Swift and easy transitioning into being a blockchain developer
  • Freelance or contract jobs are available to support the training

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