Distancia is an advert and fitness platform built on the Near blockchain technology, enabling Africans to earn and live comfortably. The decentralised advert and fitness application developed by Africa BIoT Labs helps organisations get the required engagement financed for ads, to also include that with Distancia, a percentage of the money paid for sponsored ad is shared to the ad viewers.

Distancia is Pan-African decentralized social audiovisual advert platform built on Near protocol with verifiable metrics rewarding viewers for staying fit through walking, jogging, and cycling. It provides companies with decentralized and verifiable advertising services. The platform by virtue of feature and functionality can be classified as a blockchain fitness app that aligns user’s predetermined interests with target ads and rewards them for keeping fit. It tracks users’ activities through mobile phone app sensors designed to measure burned calories (distance covered) after fueling with fuel points which are then converted into spendable tokens. As a complimentary service, it integrates a social media feature allowing users to share memories, likes and reshare contents among others.

The advertising Industry needs solutions like this that restores the trust in digital platforms and provides adequate results on a budget well spent. Client data isn’t stored or collected for use by the platform. Citizens need to be able to select the range of industries they are interested in on signing up, this is the highest level of personalization which by design is initiated and effected by the client and can be removed or changed anytime he/she wishes. Companies need to be able to derive the highest benefit from every budget knowing it is targeted at prospective customers and chargeable rates are powered by smart contracts.



Basically, Distancia is in two different folds; 

Advert – view and earn feature; this makes it possible for an individual to earn digital currency while watching ads and simultaneously, organisation’s ROI increases due to the engagement gotten from the sponsored ads.

Fitness – ability to trade your distancia coin for near coin just by getting fit and taking 10,000 steps per day


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