Blockhives is a social app for crypto ecosystem that incentivizes and rewards content creators in their areas of expertise. It combines articles, podcasts, chats and graphics-based contents into one app environment. It is a go-to place for blockchain and crypto related community and adverts. is a well-enhanced blockchain and cryptocurrency environment serving as a converging point for all crypto enthusiasts to air their views and have one voice towards driving the progress of the ecosystem, especially in Africa. We have identified the division created in several crypto community channels as a major obstacle to the ascension of the digital age adoption. Every day, new communication platforms and ideas are initiated, usually with a good motive but unknowingly disengaging the unity and indirectly limiting the anticipated growth. is designed to be a robust environment for all enthusiasts irrespective of their color, location, language, choice of blockchain project etc. to form a unified community to enhance the goal of the digital ecosystem- liberation in technological advancement. The solution combines several complementary elements to enhance the unity of the community, which includes article section, chat, podcast and Cryptube which is a social media for sharing graphics related contents.

Most importantly, Blockhives integrates an incentive system for creators to monetize their activities in any of the sections or features

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