We make it Easy for Blockchain and Crypto Companies To Expand Into Africa Through our Initiatives.

Thinking of making that bold move and expanding your project or platform into Africa? We have a few initiatives that will be instrumental in expanding and they can be tailored to suit your needs. Initiatives that seek to provide established business models with Web3 enhancement such as Blockchain4GoodAfrica Initiative, or one that seeks to enhance adoption from the undergraduate level such as Africa University Hackathon Series and University Blockchain Bootcamps, perhaps one that seeks to onboard corporate use cases in Africa such as Africa Corporate Solution-Focused Workshops. Also, to the basic meetups and general purpose workshops, we have you covered.

Blockchain4Good Africa Initiative

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We established prospects and partners in Africa’s research and investigative journalism industry that specialize in reporting challenges worth solving and challenges being solved using available means across various locations. Most of these challenges can benefit from the use of existing blockchain solutions. The solutions deployed would easily address existing issues and cater to African customer databases. They have an existing team, business model, and problem definition and can launch with a little grant and tech support in no time.

Africa University Hackathon Series

We have established a couple of university partners in East and Western Africa and expanding the umbrella. These Universities are interested in scaling the academic deliverables using hackathons in the Web3 industry for their IT-oriented and non-tech students. These hackathons lead to new startup creation funded through grants and series rounds creating revenues and a solution to unemployment among others.

In some countries, we have endeavored to collaborate and partner with the government on these initiatives as well. It is expected that the initiative will further enhance the digital transformation agenda and empower the youth.

University Blockchain Bootcamps

While working with our university partners, we have designed a couple of curriculums that can be used in educating subsequent academic sessions through a train-the-trainer initiative. We will train the selected personnel on the campuses to further provide the training to students with little incentives. Oftentimes by design, these Bootcamp sequels to the hackathon programs providing grounds for startup initiatives.

This comes with:

Tailored syllabus and curriculum for the University academic calendar.

Online materials which include recorded sessions, and training materials among others.

Certified blockchain professionals at the end of the segment among others.


African Corporates Solution-Focused Workshop







This initiative was originally launched for the Government to provide solution-focused training enabling them to understand how the technology can be deployed across various sectors. Through government partnerships among others, we have access to the corporate directories in some countries and solution-focused training can be delivered with a focus on transitioning corporate Web2 solutions into Web3. A second focus is also on introducing new models that can be established and deployed as a blockchain-based solution to help each company scale.

Event Organization for Community and Ecosystem Building

We also organize pan-African events across Africa with a focus on regulators, bankers, government, and students which can be small scales such as meetups and large scales such as workshops and conferences. We believe this is very important in boosting community and existing ecosystems. These meetups are day-at-a-time events to engage experts, newbies, developers, and corporate interests.