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Africa BIoT Labs is a Non-profit organization registered in Nigeria and Tanzania with the sole aim of fostering adoption of Blockchain technology and Internet of things across Africa

Blockchain technology itself is a software-based solution, but...

but when combined with IoT, it presents numerous software-hardware synergy possibilities. Fused together, blockchain will offer more solutions in diverse sectors and the Internet of Things innovations will finally have a solution to the security and scalability concern limiting broad adoption.

To commence the activities and launching of the company, the organization is currently deploying some amazing solutions on the Near blockchain protocol focusing on diverse fields. With solutions such as EA Kazi, Linkka, Hades, Distancia, UpliftMe, REITs Africa among others, the organization will showcase real life applications of the blockchain technology and also in synergy with IoT sensors and data applications.




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PLOT No 1 & 50 Block No 45A, Along New Bagamoyo Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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